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You are starting a new business plan. Business Plans Guru Plus provides a dialogue that steps you through the plan creation process in a logical, structured fashion. Each step of the process will be explained and you will be asked to answer a question or enter a portion of the plan text.

As you complete each step you will be automatically moved to the next step (if the software can determine you are finished) or you should click on the Next >> button in the lower right hand corner of the screen to move on. It is strongly recommended that you proceed through the plan creation process in dialogue order, however, if necessary you can freely move to any point in the dialogue. To do this click on the Navigate button on the lower left and then select the topic of interest.

Also, at the top of the screen is a tool bar with a variety of buttons. To see what a particular button does, position the mouse pointer on the button and wait a second. An explanation box will pop up with the title of the button.